Kicker 40CWRT102 CompRT Series 10 inch Shallow Mount Subwoofer


Hey viewers! How are you guys! Hope you guys are doing well. I am also fine and doing well. In the previous blogs I have explained
about best subwoofers. I got a good response on that blog. So here I am with a new blog. I published a blog on kicker subwoofer. On that blog many people asked me what is kicker subs? Well i know this is not a known subwoofer brand like rockford or pioneer. But in the last few days it's going to the top list fast. So let's discuss its features.


  • Shallow mount design: 
    • It has a shallow mount design so it will fit in tight spaces of cars. 
    • Its shallow mounting depth allows it to produce a more deep bass through it and provide a great deep bass and clear sound.
  • Great materials: 
    • Its materials are durable and tough. 
    • It has a flexible cone made of tough and rigid polypropylene that mean it is unflex. 
    • Its cone is surrounded by a rubber made of butyl foam. That  makes a big surface area so more air can pass through it and make a more deep and tight bass.
  • Versatile in wiring: 
    • With a 4 ohm  dual voice coils its versatile in wiring.
  • Environment friendly: 
    • Its bass and sound are punchy and tight but it won't harm your ears. 
    • Its sound is clear and gives the same music at any hearing level. So it doesn't harm your environment. 


  • It has a booming bass so it will shake your whole car which may be inappropriate for some users. 

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